and you know, you know it’s gonna feel good

songs for naked feminists

Du kan enten laste ned en .zip-fil, eller så kan du ta en og en sang, om du har noen av dem fra før av, eller bare vil ha dem som ikke høres forferdelig upassanes ut (hint: det e ingen av dem). Rekkefølgen e arbitrær, så du kan gjøre som du vil med den.

Bitch & Animal – Best Cock On The Block
I’ve got five different sizes, shapes and colors
come over and try me, i am like no other […]
I aim to satisfy, I aim to please
just give me some booty that I can squeeze

last ned

The Blow – Pile of Gold
Boys we love you
Some of us don’t, but plenty of us do
You should treat us good Can you do that?
You know we’re gonna share more of our goods with you

last ned

Soul Miner’s Daughter – Bodies
So move to me and shake the heavens, shake the sky,
your salty sweet ambition layin» down a rhythm like your favorite song.
And this is sin and this is good now lover, don’t regress to shame.
I know that God was with us girl I heard you call his name. (oh my God.)

last ned

Alix Olson – Cute For A Girl
She said «no, it’s dick i’m after, darlin,» and She
headed for the door.
i said «if it’s dick you’re after, darlin, try my
top dresser drawer.»

last ned

Rockettothesky – A Cute Lovesong, Please
When you think of me
do you masturbate, masturbate?
I want to know that I can make a man ejaculate

last ned

Jess Klein – I Sure Would
Tell you what I’d like to have
You under my thumb like a guitar in my hand
Just to feel my hands on you
And know what I could make you do

last ned

Scream Club VS Ben Adorable – Fine As Fuck (feat. Peaches)
you’re fine as fuck,
so fuck me fine

last ned

Bettie Serveert – Lover I Don’t Have To Love
Love’s an excuse to get hurt, and to hurt.
Do you like to hurt? I do, I do
Then hurt me…

last ned

Melissa Ferrick – Drive
Your mouth waters, stretched out on my bed
your fingers are trembling and your heart is heavy and red
and your head is bent back and your back is arched
my hand is under there holding you up

last ned

The Gossip – And You Know…
Yeah, you know you got it
I would do anything to have it
Who cares what your friends say, you gotta try
I would do anything to have it

last ned

Liz Phair – Flower
You’re probably shy and introspective
Thats not part of my objective
I just want your fresh young jimmy
Jamming slamming ramming in me

last ned

CWA – Only Straight Girls Wear Dresses
Her pussy was dripping and I heard her say, “Please”
So I whipped out my latex and went between her knees
Her legs squeezed me tight, she could not resist
Meanwhile, I wondered how she’d feel around my fist

last ned

2 thoughts on “and you know, you know it’s gonna feel good

  1. This is the best post to pass across my flist in a long long time. I do not know any of these songs and I feel my life is lesser for it :\ Can’t wait to download, and TAKK in advance!

    • Glad someone got some enjoyment out of it (I really need to post it in my other lj too, I feel it might be better received there), and I’m not sure if not knowing these songs says anything much about your life, it probably says more about my taste in music:>

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